culture of Pakistan and the united states

The word “tradition” holds exclusive meanings for individuals who come from exceptional cultures. commonly, way of life refers back to the traditions, values, existence, customs and the history of an individual. culture essentially enlightens us approximately someone’s way of existence. typically humans comply with the tradition in their ancestors as it’s miles difficult to develop up with sure norms and values and then decide that you do no longer need to be a part of that subculture anymore. tradition performs a vital position in a character of an person as in the course of the number one socialization technique, an man or woman grows up inside the cultural surroundings provided by means of their own family and those have a tendency to internalize matters speedy while they are younger. as an instance, children watch cartoons and hold close whatever they can from those caricature characters for the reason that younger people are eager to study and curious to know about their environment.

however, now not all of us likes to paste to their cultural values given their situation. as an instance, an person may come from a harsh tradition that doesn’t remember the issue of recognize. those types of norms in a way of life is probably the purpose as to why humans drift aside from their cultures. The idea that many people get derived faraway from their figure cultures isn’t always offbeat. on this essay, we can discuss cultures; the yank lifestyle and the Pakistani culture (Shamama-tus-Sabah and Gilani). each cultures appear to be poles aside. Pakistani way of life is often known as the japanese lifestyle at the same time as American tradition is called western subculture in lots of parts of the world.

In Pakistani tradition, families traditionally have a tendency to live collectively. The own family structure that is maximum common in Pakistan is the extended own family shape as maximum of the families contain of or greater than generations. this means that grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts live under the equal roof typically. there are numerous motives as to why extended circle of relatives shape is good sized amongst Pakistani tradition. Many households tend to stay collectively due to monetary troubles. As there may be a loss of employment possibilities for the working class households in Pakistan, there’s typically one man or woman who earns and helps the own family. There has a tendency to be a incredible quantity of pressure on that one incomes person as there are numerous humans dependent on his earnings. therefore, kin in Pakistani way of life are strongly integrated and live close for maximum of the time.

normally, fathers maintain the stronger role inside the own family as they are the earning individuals who run the family. for that reason, they may be much more likely to take crucial choices or all selections of the circle of relatives, for that depend. also, considering that Pakistan is understood for its patriarchal lifestyle, it isn’t bizarre that male participants normally preserve a dominant status inside the family. within the present day global, education has notched up a step and those are encouraging training for women in Pakistan. inside the past, ladies have been by and large discouraged to be educated as the patriarchal society believed that if ladies have been given schooling rights, they would knock down the patriarchy and smash all the conventional norms and values (Fazal). but, women are still bound to their country and not many of them are allowed to head abroad or faraway from their families for better schooling. There are a few brilliant, liberal households that don’t positioned boundaries on their children and let them do what they may be obsessed with.

every other stereotype of the Pakistani tradition is that any profession aside from becoming a medical doctor or an engineer is frowned upon. Artists, musicians, actors, poets, authors and other such professions are not encourages in any respect, even by using their families. If an man or woman tells their family that they need to turn out to be an artist, as an example, their family’s reaction would most probable be, “you are a shame to the own family”. Pakistani tradition isn’t as liberal because the American subculture but it has come an extended manner from its traditional shape and has an extended manner to move till every man or woman feels liberated and has a experience of their free will.

Pakistan is an Islamic country for this reason; faith performs a vast function in Pakistani tradition. religious activities inclusive of Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, the ninth and tenth of Muharram are announced as public vacations in Pakistan. different public holidays consist of the Independence Day, the protection day, the birthday of the founder of Pakistan (Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) and many greater. Eid ul Fitr is one of the most celebrated holidays in Pakistan as it’s far the birthday celebration of Ramadan coming to an stop. Eid is a joyous holiday as the complete us of a celebrates it exuberantly and with a lot enthusiasm. humans move an extra mile to assist the negative and hand out as much Zakat as they could inside the way of Allah. Eid and Ramadan are really events that bring the complete u . s . collectively.

households in the American lifestyle tend to be typically apart. although a own family lives beneath the same roof, they do now not percentage a bond that holds a family together. The high charge of divorce and 2d marriages is a evidence that households inside the American subculture generally tend to breakdown or collapse because of many reasons. One motive why households do no longer stick together within the American way of life is because kids are given freedom at a totally younger age (Spindler and Spindler). for example, youngsters above 13 have the proper to name the kid services in the event that they feel like their own family is being oppressive. teens generally do now not have a clue about what is right and what is inaccurate for them. however, they still tend to assert that they understand it all. This confines their mother and father consequently, mother and father do now not get to maintain onto their younger ones for long. then again, if no longer the kids, one of the dad and mom leaves the other due to an affair, mental problems and many others. unmarried figure households normally grow to be leaving the discern alone in a foster domestic or on their very own.

extended households aren’t traditional inside the American way of life as grandparents normally retire to foster houses and families pay them a go to on vacations like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween are vacations that are celebrated with zeal and zest in American subculture. Halloween is a public vacation where people get dressed up in costumes, exit and mingle with their cherished ones. Trick or deal with is one of the matters that youngsters are maximum captivated with considering the fact that it is a tradition to knock on doors around the community and ask for as a lot candy as you like. vacations like these brings the households together. Many exclusive religions are accompanied by folks who live in the us (Brauer). as an example, Muslims, Jews and Christians and plenty of different people from distinctive spiritual backgrounds live within the identical u . s . and comply with their religious values freely. As loads of human beings from unique religious backgrounds stay in the united states, they are loose to do something they want to.

Public display of love is something that is not in any respect tolerated in Pakistani subculture because of the religious historical past. but, in American way of life, bodily touch between two people, whether or not they’re in a martial courting or now not, is not frowned upon. parents of some young humans won’t inspire it but it isn’t always totally weird. in comparison to the Pakistani subculture, the young people is given more liberty within the American tradition. teens are given more than one opportunities to explore themselves and attain their maximum capacity no matter what steps they could should take for you to get there. dad and mom are extra supportive of their kids in the American culture and offer them with all the care they may need.

Bullying is one of the main problems inside the American way of life. a whole lot of students at colleges believe that they are able to get their manner thru bullying different college students. objectives of bullying are typically fat, darkish or college students from any other race. Bullying has been a major cause behind students changing colleges, developing mental illnesses such as despair, complexes, anxiety and many others. Racism is also witnessed inside the American subculture and isn’t always unusual in any respect. The worst part approximately living inside the united states of america needs to be the stereotypes installation in opposition to the minorities by means of bullies. but, the nice element about dwelling inside the usa is that there’s always an possibility to stop the bullying and racism and step out of whatever bothers you or stops you from transferring ahead as it is a unfastened united states of america, full of latest doors that result in greater things.

it’s miles clean as crystal that the Pakistani and American lifestyle differ in such a lot of ways. even as families in the Pakistani culture are carefully knit, households within the American way of life draw apart as they get older. however, Pakistani lifestyle isn’t always as liberal the yank culture. Pakistani culture places boundaries on the youth to a sure quantity while the yankee tradition affords its teens with as a lot possibility it can to head beyond their limits and attain what no person else ought to. however, both cultures have their wonderful attributes; both the cultures provide the human beings residing there with a experience of belonging and an identity.

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